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Rid of oily dandruff, oily dandruff and scalp

I have oily dandruff, scalp is always itchy, hair becomes oily after one day of wash. If I use anti dandruff shampoo hair becomes rough. If I scratch scalp then oily dandruff comes in my nails.
( 2 Apr 2009)

There are several different types of anti dandruff shampoos available, and if you had problems with one, then you should switch to another. The main cause of your oily dandruff problem seems to be an excessively oily scalp. It may be possible to solve this problem with a normal shampoo, provided you make a few changes to the way you care for your hair. First of all to get rid of oily dandruff, you should try using a normal shampoo, meant for normal hair, not one for oily hair. Next, you need to start shampooing daily - it does not seem like you are doing this. In addition, when you shampoo your hair, you need to keep the shampoo on for several minutes. Most people make the mistake of working up the shampoo into a lather and then washing it off immediately, all of which takes barely two minutes. Instead, work up the shampoo gently and slowly, massaging your scalp so as to dislodge the dead cells that have accumulated there. Leave the shampoo on your head for three or four minutes while you continue bathing, and only then wash it off. If this does not work, and if your hair remains excessively oily even after two weeks, then you should shampoo your hair twice - apply the shampoo, wait for three or four minutes, wash it off, then reapply the shampoo, work up a lather, wait a few minutes, and wash it off again. If even this does not work, you should switch to a shampoo for oily hair, but continue with the same routine.

If even daily shampooing as suggested, with a shampoo for oily hair, does not work, then you need to use an anti dandruff shampoo again to get rid of oily dandruff and scalp. Dandruff can have several different causes, and typically, one anti dandruff shampoo will address one cause. Some anti dandruff shampoos work at fighting fungal infections, which sometimes cause dandruff. Other shampoos work at the problem of the scalp being oily. If one doesn't work, you should try the other. You should also note that the anti dandruff you tried may be the right one - anti dandruff shampoos are often harsh, and will tend to make your hair rough and dry. This should not be a reason to stop using the shampoo - instead, follow up the shampoo with a suitable conditioner. Only if the shampoo is ineffective after a couple of weeks' use should you change it. If all these treatments do not work, your only remaining option is to visit a skin and hair specialist.

answered by G D on 2 Apr 2009, 10:58:45


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