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Oatmeal yogurt and honey for curing pigmentation

I have pigmentation on my hand, neck and near forehead from past 6 years Which medicine I must use in order to get cured?
(16 Mar 2009)

Excessive pigmentation of the skin can be due to various factors. As a person grows older 'liver spots', especially on the hands are common. Dark patches on the face and neck, in fact on any part of the body which is exposed to the sun are a possibility. This is because of the extra melanin being produced by the body as well as reactions to the sunshine. These patches might also be because of some skin disorder though if they have been there for 6 years with no adverse effects then it is likely that they are only an external disorder and not a disease. However it might be advisable to check with a doctor before embarking on any routine to address this issue.

Home remedies can be usually used safely to try and cure problems such as these. Mix 1 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of honey and ½ tsp of almond oil and apply on your skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash it off. Another good alternative is to mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with a teaspoon each of yoghurt and honey and apply it on the skin, and not just on the discolored patches. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with a gentle rubbing motion. These remedies work if used regularly over an extended period of time. Another easy remedy is to skin a tomato and mash it up, sieve it so that the seeds are eliminated, add a few drops of lime juice then apply the pulp to your skin. Wash it off after about 20 minutes and if you do this on a daily basis you will see a dramatic improvement.

In addition to these applications it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet as well. There is no diet which will cure the dark patches or whiten or lighten your skin, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and cereals is always a good idea if one is interested in having clear, glowing skin. The mandatory five servings of fruit and vegetables recommended by doctors can be increased to eight to ten servings without any adverse effects, in fact it will improve your general health and skin conditions too. And make sure you drink plenty of water: keeping your skin well hydrated is one of the basic requirements for improving the color, texture and condition of your skin.

answered by G D on 16 Mar 2009, 4:07:42


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