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Dandruff and hair fall due to unhealthy lifestyle and bowel disorders

How to treat dandruff and hair fall?
(19 Mar 2009)

Dandruff and hair fall are directly connected, as dandruff usually leads to hair fall. Dandruff basically refers to the shiny, whitish scales of skin which separate from the skin of your scalp and accumulate amidst the hair. When you brush or comb out your hair these scales fall off in flakes on your clothes leaving behind a fine shower of white dust on your clothes, making you look dirty and un-kept. Both dandruff and hair fall are usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle with consumption of the wrong foods, inadequate intake of liquids and bowel disorders. Lack of proper hair care combined with exposure to chemicals, sun, wind and pollution as well as emotional stress can also cause or aggravate dandruff and hair fall. Use a medicated shampoo that is specifically designed to target dandruff. As long as your problem persists, Avoid cosmetic shampoos completely as these shampoos contain perfumes and dyes that can irritate your scalp and aggravate the situation. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and avoid hot water completely since it will strip your hair of its natural moisture leaving your scalp dry and flaky.

In order to combat dandruff and hair fall you should oil and wash your hair regularly. You can prepare a nourishing hair oil by boiling some coconut oil with a few pieces of Indian gooseberry. Massage your scalp with this oil to strengthen the roots of your hair and prevent dandruff. Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds overnight and then grind them into a paste. Massage your scalp with this paste and allow it to remain on for at least an hour before washing it off, preferably with a shampoo that has a base of Soap-nut or Acacia Concinna. Use this natural hair mask at least twice a month to treat dandruff. Alternately, you can soak and grind ½ cup of black lentils with 1 tbsp fenugreek. Add ½ cup of yogurt to form a thick paste. This hair mask too will eliminate dandruff and reduce hair fall. You can also add 1 tsp of lemon juice to the water you use to rinse your hair to leave your scalp cleansed of dandruff and your hair shining with natural health. Once your dandruff has cleared, massage your scalp with the juice of beets or snake gourd at least once a month to prevent it from recurring. Make sure that whether you have dandruff or not, you follow a regular hair care regimen to keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy.

answered by G D on 19 Mar 2009, 9:50:36


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