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Regular skin care and maintenance tips for men

How to have a good skin for man?
( 2 Mar 2009)

Please remember that good skin is a non gender specific thing. It matters little whether you are a man or a woman. Basically, good skin is all about skin care. Skin care can be split into three parts. Appropriate diet, adequate rest and a regular routine of care and maintenance are in order here. If you can follow all of these, you will never have to worry about your skin. To begin with, you should be aware that people who sleep poorly generally do not have extremely good skin to begin with. Lack of sleep will always end up making your skin suffer from ravages of many kinds. You need to ensure that you get eight uninterrupted hours of sleep each night. This will make the biggest difference. If you can follow a healthy diet, you will see this on your skin as well. Eat low fat food, which is not rich in grease and spice. Focus instead on eating fresh and unprocessed food which has very little by way of chemicals and preservatives. This will help to give your skin a very healthy glow and will always take very good care of skin tone and evenness as well.

Since you find that you have to shave regularly, this is another thing that can lead to tough and hard facial skin. You can take care of this by following a few basic rules on a regular basis. For starters, you should avoid using alcohol based after shave liquids. These will always work towards hardening your skin further since they will always end up closing your skin pores. This will make the new hair growing push your pores open roughly and since this is a daily process, you will see that the hair grows out harder and the pores will start to show. Instead, you should use a cream to massage your face after a shave. This will take only about two minutes of your time every day but it will work wonders on your skin. Also, remember to use only hot water for shaving. It is also important that you get a facial once a month or so. This will not only get you a leisurely massage, it will also include the process of exfoliation. This will make your skin cleaner. Finally, never go to bed with dirty skin. You should wash and moisturize your face before bedtime daily. These methods will give you permanently healthy and good skin.

answered by G S on 2 Mar 2009, 3:45:02


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