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Reducing open pores

How to reduce open pores? Suggest any herbal treatment?
( 2 Mar 2009)

Open skin pores are an extremely common problem. In order to get rid of them, it is good to understand why they occur in the first place. One primary reason is shaving. When we shave, the hair that grows back is typically hard in texture and will always tend to thicken as well. This will automatically enlarge your skin pores. Beyond a point, they will also stop re-closing all by themselves. This also happens with age. As we age, the skin slows down or altogether stops in its production of collagen. This is the elastic that holds the skin together and will always be responsible for keeping the skin wrinkle free and smooth in texture. Due to this stopping, pores that have opened up due to any reason do not close back as easily. So basically, what you would have to do to take care of open pores on the skin is to make sure that you are providing the skin with enough collagen to make sure that there is some semblance of elasticity that you are helping to restore. This would require you to follow the first rule of skin care. You have to start ensuring that you are getting adequate amounts of sleep. This is extremely important in taking care of your skin. Sleep can restore the lost vigor and vitality of your skin and will always help to make it look as well as fell better.

You should also make it a point to get a face clean up once a week. This would entail a process of cleansing your face with a basic cleanser, massaging it with cream, exfoliating and then applying a face pack. You should use a collagen rich or a pure vitamin E cream for the purpose of massage. Your face pack should also be one that provides collagen to your skin. You can make your own with a pulp of papaya, pineapple and honey. To a cup of pulp, you can add a tablespoon of honey. This will help in restoring the elasticity of your skin largely. You can also add all of these substances to your diet to ensure that you are providing collagen in your diet as well. If you can find it, get pure vitamin E oil and massage your face with this each night. This will also help to improve the elasticity of your skin. It is best to use this and let it work overnight.

answered by G S on 2 Mar 2009, 3:45:02


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