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Effects of not maintaining long hair, tips to maintain long hair

I had long and nice hair but I never use to care for hair can you please suggest some tips to maintain my hair.
( 5 Mar 2009)

Long hair as a rule requires much more care than shorter hair and if you do not take good care of it, then there are high chances of problems such as hair fall, weak, brittle and dry hair or dandruff. People with long hair usually tend to tie their hair in a tight braid or a pony tail, especially when they are going to bed. You should avoid doing this, since this puts extra stress on the hair follicles, increasing chances of breakage and hair fall. Always use a band that reduces hair breakage and avoid using rubber bands or hair clips that are not of a good quality. Brushing and combing long hair is also different from brushing short hair. You have to take adequate care not to pull on the hair while detangling it and thus you should either detangle with your fingers first or use a wide-toothed comb and gently get rid of the knots. It is a good idea to divide your hair into several sections and move up from the tips of your hair, gradually detangling the hair till you reach the roots. Brushing your hair regularly is important since it helps to evenly spread the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands all over your hair. You should consider detangling your hair before you wash it, so that it is easier to comb it after wards and there is a reduced possibility of hair breakage. After washing your hair, avoid rubbing it vigorously to dry the hair. Instead gently blot out the excess water and allow your hair to dry naturally. As far as possible avoid using a hair dryer to dry your hair, since the artificial heat from the dryer will dry your hair excessively, taking away its natural moisture and leaving it dry and brittle.

Above all these basic measures to prevent hair breakage in long hair, you should also religiously follow the hair care rules for all kinds of hair. It is important to regularly massage your scalp with coconut oil to increase the circulation of blood in the scalp and thus strengthen the hair roots, reducing hair fall. Avoid using harsh chemical products and chemical treatments on your hair and protect it from the harmful effects of the sun, wind and pollution by covering the head with a hat or a scarf when you step out of the house. It is also important to use a good shampoo and conditioner, which you should choose depending on the kind of hair you have - dry, normal or oily. If you have oily hair, avoid using shampoos and conditioners which have moisturizing oils. Conditioning is important to lock in the hair's natural moisture and leave your hair looking soft, silky and lustrous.

answered by G S on 5 Mar 2009, 5:13:05


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