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Tips for washing long hair everyday

Hi, I have long hair and I have to wash them every single day which is not good as you mentioned in your website. So what is best way to take care of them? They should be shiny and healthy.
( 5 Mar 2009)

If you need to wash your hair every single day, due to exposure to dust and pollution, then there is not much choice in the matter. It is certainly better to wash your hair daily and keep it clean, rather than to allow the dirt and pollution to remain on your hair and scalp just for the sake of avoiding dryness. Daily washing can certainly cause your hair to become dry and dull, but the chances of this happening can be minimized by using a suitable shampoo. You have not mentioned having any trouble with your hair so far, and if your current shampoo works fine even with daily washing, you can continue using it. If your hair seems to be becoming dry and dull however, then you should try a different shampoo. Hopefully you are already using a shampoo for dry hair - if you have dry hair, that is. You could also try using a little less shampoo. Do not use too little of course, or you will not be able to wash your hair thoroughly; you should use just enough to work up a lather, and then wash it off quickly.

You should also use a conditioner to protect your hair, but once again, daily use of conditioner is not recommended. However, if you like, you can try using a protective conditioner for a few weeks. If it improves the quality of your hair, then you can continue using it on a daily basis. Preferably use a surfactant conditioner, as it will create a protective layer over your hair.

However, a better way to protect your hair is to simply cover it when you are outdoors. This will prevent it from getting dirty in the first place, and you will therefore not need to wash your hair daily. Wearing a scarf is the best way to protect your hair from sunlight, smoke, and dust. It may feel a bit odd for a while, but you will get used to it eventually. Just be sure to wash your scarf regularly, or it will collect dirt, and end up transferring it to your hair, thus defeating the whole purpose. Constantly wearing an unwashed scarf may also end up causing a fungal infection.

Finally, you can use some simple home remedies to improve the quality of your hair. Regular oiling is of course important, but every now and then you can combine the oil with an egg yolk and apply this mixture to your hair before washing it.

answered by G S on 5 Mar 2009, 5:13:04


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