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Shampoo and conditioner for oily hair

I have oily hair is there a shampoo that you can buy at your local Walmart or pharmacy that will help with this problem? And what is the name of the shampoo if there is one?
( 5 Mar 2009)

I cannot recommend any specific shampoo to you, but there are several good shampoos available specifically for oily hair, and you can use any one of these shampoos. These products cannot be used universally, and you will need to try them out for yourself to see if they work for you. There are bound to be several brands of shampoo that have special products for oily hair, and each brand will be slightly different from the others. This is not always a question of quality - it is simply that different ingredients are used, and one set of ingredients will suit your hair type, while another set of ingredients will suit another person's hair type. As long as you buy a shampoo from a well known company, you are reasonably well assured that the quality will be good and the shampoo will not contain any harmful products. In case you find that a particular shampoo does not work for you - either because it dries your hair out too much or because it does not get rid of enough oil from your hair - you can stop using it and switch to another shampoo. In order to do this without wasting half a bottle of shampoo, you can buy sachets if they are available, or else buy the smallest bottle that is available.

Since you have oily hair, you should probably avoid using a conditioner, unless it is absolutely necessary. For oily hair, conditioner is not really needed, as the scalp already produces plenty of sebum, which is a natural conditioner. If you feel you need a conditioner, go ahead and use one, but no more than twice a week. A good home made conditioner for oily hair is a mixture of egg and lemon, which should be applied about 15 minutes before bathing.

You should however wash your hair daily, as this is a good way to regularly get rid of the excess sebum. On the other hand, if you already have the practice of washing your hair daily, then that might be part of the problem. In some cases, excessive washing may dry the scalp and thus encourage it to compensate by producing more sebum, resulting in oily hair. Therefore, if you already shampoo your hair daily, you should reduce the frequency to every second day, or even every third day. For the first week or two, you may need to just bear having oily hair, but after that, there is a good chance that the production of sebum will return to normal.

answered by G S on 5 Mar 2009, 5:13:04


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