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Causes of white patches

What causes increased skin pigmentation and white blotches?
(28 Feb 2009)


Generally, increased pigmentation is not manifested in white blotches. If anything, the blotches that are seen are dark in color. White blotches may be indicative of other things. You can get this checked out medically to be sure of what they could potentially present. It would be more advisable to consult with a dermatologist to be sure what these problems present. Only a dermatologist can make an accurate diagnosis. There are some general conclusions that can be drawn from the description you have provided, however. Most commonly, white patches are caused due to extreme and excessive dryness of the skin in certain areas. When skin is not properly nourished you will be able to see this manifested in white patches. If they are on your face in particular, this could be true. Sometimes, excessively dry skin also shows up in the form of white patches that have somewhat powdery deposits on them. Do not be alarmed with this, as it is a normal symptom as well. Another factor that could be leading to white patches could also be the start of vitiligo, or the white patch disease. In order to be sure of this, however, you will have to get a proper and detailed medical examination done. Your family history would also be taken into account, as this also plays a large role in the problem of vitiligo, or leukoderma, as the white patch disease is commonly known.


If you are suffering from a lack of the dye that the body manufactures to color the skin and hair and eyes, then this could also be a cause of the white patches you are seeing. This is indeed one of the pigmentation problems, but it is called hypo pigmentation, which indicated a lack of pigmentation in your body. Sometimes, due to some sort of abnormality, the body reduces production of colorants. Sometimes, it also stops producing skin pigmentation altogether. This is known as albinism, and is a disease of a different sort. People who have albinism are known as albinos and they do not have any color anywhere on their bodies. Even their pupils are red in color because they are transparent. However, this is a congenital and hereditary disease for most part. So you can be assured that you are not suffering from it, as it hardly shows up as a few stray patches. Your treatment to get rid of the white patches would totally depend upon the reason you are afflicted with them.






answered by G D on 28 Feb 2009, 7:53:28


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