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Home remedies to stop losing hair rapidly

I loose my hair very rapidly and really I am very much worried about it, can you please suggest me some homemade herbal recipes?
(26 Feb 2009)

Herbal remedies may or may not help you to solve your hair loss problem - you need to first find out what it is that is causing your hair loss. You have not mentioned your age, gender, or the exact nature of your hair loss, and all these are factors that need to be considered. For many men, hair loss is simply a part of the ageing process, just one more thing that needs to be accepted. Although this usually starts after the age of 35, it sometimes starts much before this age. Some men do not experience severe hair loss till after their forties, while others may even start losing hair in their twenties. This kind of hair loss is usually beyond your control; it cannot be stopped and it cannot be reversed, especially with home remedies. Modern medical treatments for age related balding are usually more effective, but these too may not always work very well. In any case, you will need to consult a hair specialist for such treatments. Find out about a reliable, reputed specialist in your area, and get an opinion from him or her. He or she will be able to tell you what is causing your hair loss, and what options you have if you are simply experiencing male pattern balding.

If rather than losing hair primarily on the top and front of your head, you are experiencing hair loss all over your head, then the problem may be related to your diet, stress, or the type of water you use to wash your hair. Hard water is known to cause hair loss in some people. However, this kind of hair loss is relatively mild, and is unlikely to cause anything even close to baldness. If the hair loss bothers you too much, you should look around for shampoos and conditioners that are meant specifically for use with hard water.

A poor diet may impair the growth of hair, as vitamins and minerals are essential for hair growth. Hair is also made up of protein, and therefore you should have enough protein in your diet. However, it is not necessary to increase your intake of any specific nutrients or foods - simply ensuring that your diet is balanced should be enough. Your diet should include all the possible types of foods on a regular basis, and this will ensure that you do not suffer from any deficiencies.

answered by G S on 26 Feb 2009, 7:35:09


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