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Frizzy hair care tips, hair care regimen, rough frizzy hair

My hair is so frizzy and rough, please give me the solution for this with domestic remedies!
(12 Feb 2009)

Before you try any home remedies or other measures to improve your hair, you should remember that you cannot really change your hair type. If you naturally have frizzy hair, there is no home remedy that will give you straight or even wavy hair. Your genes have determined your hair type, which is why you will always have tight curls (sometimes hair type does change on its own, sometimes due to age or changes in climate, and at other times due to unknown reasons, but not as a result of any home treatment. At the most, you can get your hair treated professionally, but there is a chance that this too will not be 100 per cent successful.

However, you certainly can get your natural hair to look the best it possible can. It is not necessary for frizzy hair to be dry, rough, or stiff. There is a lot that you can do to ensure that it is soft, smooth, and glossy. Before you come to any home remedies for frizzy hair, ensure that you are practicing proper basic hair care. This means that you should wash your hair regularly - if necessary daily, or else every alternate day, depending on the climate, your hair type, and the exposure to dust and dirt. Ensure that you are using the right shampoo - if your current shampoo leaves your hair dry and rough, you probably need to change. Just about any shampoo for dry hair will not do - each one is different, and you need to find one that suits your particular hair type. The same goes for hair conditioner. Also, if by any chance you are not in the habit of using conditioner, you will notice a drastic improvement in your hair once you start using a suitable conditioner on a regular basis. Finally, after you have washed your hair, soak up the excess water and then let your hair dry naturally. Do not scrub your head with a towel, and do not comb your hair when it is wet. Such actions are sure to damage your hair and leave it rough and more frizzy. When you do comb your hair, you should also make sure that you use a wide comb, and untangle any knots with your fingers rather than with the comb.

As far as home remedies go, the best and simplest is applying coconut oil at night, at least thrice a week. In addition to this, you can apply henna once a month.

answered by G B on 12 Feb 2009, 11:04:00


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