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Effects of using hard water to bath

Will the water with which we bath cause hair fall?
(25 Feb 2009)

If you have recently changed residence, then there is a chance that the water supply in your new home has something to do with the increase in your hair fall. Many people find that using hard water to wash their hair causes more hair to fall than is normal. However, hard water cannot cause severe hair loss or balding, so there is probably nothing for you to worry about. Hair loss of approximately 50 strands a day is normal, and a marginal increase in this rate of hair loss will not cause your hair to really thin. Many people live for years with hard water, and their hair is perfectly healthy. They sometimes find that when they move to a place that has soft water, their hair looks and feels marginally better, but no permanent damage is done by hard water.

Therefore, if you are considering changing residence or using bottled water to wash your hair (as some people do), there is not really any need for such drastic measures. You can continue to wash your hair with the water available without worrying about any long term damage.

However, if you find that your hair is noticeably thinner and you are actually balding, there may be other factors responsible. Hair loss can be caused by improper nutrition or by some underlying health problem, or it can simply be hereditary. If you are a man above the age of thirty, there is a good chance that this is simply the start of male pattern balding, which is something that cannot be stopped or reversed. This is especially likely if the thinning of hair is primarily on the top and front of your head and balding runs in your family. If this is the case, you will simply need to accept the hair loss as part of the aging process.

You should however also look at whether your diet is causing the hair loss. An imbalanced diet that lacks certain vitamins or minerals is often the cause of hair loss. Make sure that your diet contains a variety of foods, particularly lots of fruits and vegetables. In addition, if you have any health conditions, you should ask your doctor whether they could be causing the hair loss. Thyroid problems, for example, are known to cause hair loss. In such a case, the underlying health problem needs to be addressed in order to control the hair loss.

answered by G D on 25 Feb 2009, 6:46:08


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