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Consulting a trichologist when suffering from steady hair loss and baldness

I am 21 and loosing my hair from centre of my head, also greying of hairs and baldness can be seen clearly. I take regular balanced diet. Is there any hormonal problem?
( 5 May 2009)

All of us lose a certain number of hairs every day of our lives. But since we are constantly growing new hair this is not immediately noticeable. However, if you have been losing hair steadily for some time and have even developed a bald patch on your head, you should consider consulting a trichologist. You should also mention any other symptoms you may have noticed since this could be the symptom of something more serious. You can also try some home remedies to see if you can help the hair to stop falling and graying. Some remedies can actually help to reduce hair fall so that your baldness will not be so embarrassingly obvious to everyone. One of the first things you should learn is that your hair should not be washed using very hot water since this can weaken it and strip it of its essential oils. Washing your hair too often can also cause hair loss. In addition you should select your shampoo and conditioners with care and avoid harsh products. Massaging your scalp every week is absolutely essential for the well being of you hair. Use warm coconut oil to massage your scalp. You will find that regularly using the powder of dried Indian gooseberry regularly can help reduce the graying of your hair and also prevent hair loss. Boil the powder in some water and leave it out overnight. This can be applied on the hair and scalp the next morning and washed off in an hour. You can also mix some of this powder with raw egg and apply the paste to your hair. Regular application of Aloe Vera gel is another remedy to strengthen hair roots and stop hair fall.

You can also massage your hair with the yolk of one egg to which a few spoons of honey have been added. This can be left on for an hour and then washed. Almond oil, if massaged regularly, can help prevent hair fall. You can use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and sage on your hair since this helps to kepp your hair and scalp clean and free of all dirt and grime. You can also use a raw onion to scrub the bald patch on your head. Once you have scrubbed this patch you can apply some honey on the area and then wash it off. You should eat lots of green leafy vegetables and plenty of fruits. Avoid eating unhealthy food which contains white flour or drinking carbonated drinks. Stay away from tea and coffee and drink only healthy fruit juices.

answered by G B on 5 May 2009, 1:20:54


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