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Preventing hair from becoming oily

I am 20 years male suffering from hair fall from 15 my hair nature is it will be dry for two days after shampooing it will become little oily and I had dandruff also. I am applying oil before shampooing only.
( 2 Mar 2009)

From your description, you have indicated that you do not wash your hair very frequently. This would be the first thing you need to change. Hair fall can be a direct result of badly maintained and poorly cleaned hair. It is natural for hair to become grimy and oily two days after it has been shampooed. To prevent this, you should start shampooing more frequently. The most ideal situation would be to shampoo every alternate day, this way, you will not allow your hair to get oily. You need to be aware that the natural oils that accumulate in your hair will always attract dirt and grime and make your hair fall as well as look particularly bad. Since you are 20 years old, it is also possible that you are suffering from some hormonal changes which would make your skin more oily than usual. Check to see if this is the case. If so, you will find that the rest of your skin is also oily, not merely on your scalp. Applying hair oil before a shampoo is a very good habit. You should also leave it on for only about an hour or so, because hair oil left in hair for any longer than that will not really have any effect. Whatever hair oil has to do, it will do within about a couple of hours.

You can also increase your intake of vitamin A. This is the nutrient required by the body to grow a healthy head of hair. Vitamin A is found in particular carrots, which will promote hair growth. It would also include all fruits and vegetables that are yellow, orange or red in color. Peaches, squash, tomatoes, carrots, mangoes, pomegranates and so on would all fall in this category. This will take a long time to show results, but you can be assured that your hair fall will not merely reduce but will also reverse. Your hair strands will also become stronger and healthier in this process. You can also try to rinse out your hair with fenugreek seeds water. Make this at home by soaking two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight. The water can be used for rinsing out your hair and scalp. You can also swallow these seeds for best results. Follow these methods for a few weeks and you will begin to see positive results. If you can, stick to them for a year.

answered by G S on 2 Mar 2009, 3:50:47


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