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Just 5 minutes a day to beautiful skin

 by Sheron Hopkins
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In the time it takes to read this, you can develop a healthy, beautiful and radiant complexion.

• Define your own concept of beauty: Don’t go by what the world says. Just as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, it’s also only skin deep. Remember, your external image is a mirror reflection of your mindset. A positive attitude and self-esteem will help you project an aura of confidence and radiance that will enhance your appearance.

• Learn to manage stress: It’s silent killer, the latest plague, the concealed threat. Stress has many names and none of them sounds good. A stressful lifestyle is the ideal environment for free radicals to flourish in your system and play havoc with your health and appearance. Moderate exercise, yoga postures, meditation techniques and breathing exercises are all extremely beneficial in managing stress.

• Get enough quality rest: Eight hours of so-called beauty sleep may be out-of-date, but just ensure that you getting enough deep, refreshing sleep. It is almost impossible to reverse the side-effects of protracted lack of rest. By the time it starts showing up in a lackluster complexion and pouches under the eyes, it may be too late to change. Adequate rest results in higher energy levels and general well-being is reflected in clear, bright eyes and a glowing skin.

• Honor the ways of nature: The first law of well-being to be in consonance with nature not against her. Your skin is no exception. Winter is the ideal time to provide your skin the deep nourishment it needs. Spring the perfect time to detoxify. Summer is the season to protect it.

• Switch your cosmetics and skin care supplies: Chuck out anything synthetic. There are a lot of alternative natural skin and beauty products. Once you've experienced the softer, subtler nuances of natural textures and fragrances, you'll hate returning to anything artificial or synthetic.

• Pay attention to your diet: Feed your skin a choice of appropriate foods to keep it looking radiant, clear and healthy. Rich in natural antioxidants, cooked leafy greens, plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables and lots of sweet juicy fruits are excellent for the skin. They also help protect your skin from damage by toxins, reactive oxygen-based chemicals widely linked to disease and aging. Have plenty of water throughout the day, but don't not during meals.

• Make a body massage a part of your daily routine: You will never consider a massage a rare luxury once you’ve experienced the benefits a warm oil massage to your overall well-being, particularly to your skin,. A -massage can be had either before your morning bath or shower, or an hour or two before bedtime. Besides other things, it aids blood circulation, helps the body flush out toxins, and tones the skin, keeping it looking fresh, soft, smooth and glowing.

• Never miss your daily skin care regimen: Follow a regular basic program of skin care. It is the key to a beautiful complexion. Essentially, this consists of four basic steps:

1. Cleansing
2. Toning
3. Moisturizing and
4. Nourishing

• Doing this twice a day will keep your skin clean, healthy and radiant. Again, as far as possible, use natural products that don't strip the natural moisture balance from your skin. By and large, Ayurvedic skincare products contain potent herbs that help your skin resist the harmful effects of the sun. Consider adding a daily herbal supplement to help your skin from within.

• Discover natural skin care aids: Try blending your own aroma massage oils, or preparing your own facial mix or a fragrant sachet of herbs and spices to scent your bathwater with. Try out different floral water sprays on your skin. They help tone it up and the subtle aroma will last longer. Again, always go in for natural products, and test to ensure that your skin is not sensitive to a particular type of product.

Pay a little attention to your skin, and see the difference it makes to your whole life.


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