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Ant Bite Cure

 by Sheron Hopkins
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Ants are small creatures that pretty much mind their own business but can sometimes bite if they feel threatened. If you happen to step on an ant mound, they are sure to bite. Ants usually move around in groups. If you encounter a lone ant, it is likely that you might not get hurt; however, if you are attacked by a group, the bites can be really painful and will cause you great discomfort. The bite of an ant is usually very painful and can sting for days. If they have bitten in just one area of the skin, the problem may not be very severe. However, if the surface area is larger and you have sustained several ant bites, it might be a problem. Ants have small mandibles that they use to attack and hold on to the skin. When the ant prepares to bite, it holds on the skin with its mandibles and then attacks with a stinger that is located somewhere in its abdomen. This stinger is tipped with potentially harmful venom. This is more dangerous because the ants don’t just bite and retreat. They keep on biting till they can. Fire ants, especially, bite in circular areas around the single point of skin that they are holding on to, with their mandibles.

Ant Bite Symptoms

The bites that are delivered are quite painful and since they bite multiple times, the sting keeps on multiplying as more ants keep delivering multiple stings. These stings could cause minor reactions and in certain circumstances, major allergies. Usually if a fire ant bites you, the skin will break out in hives in the bitten area. The surrounding areas become swollen and start to itch. Eventually blisters which are filled with a cloudy liquid start to form on the skin. The swelling usually takes about three to four days to subside. Ant bite treatment should be taken immediately to get relief.

Ant bite treatment

• If there are minor reactions due to the bites of fire ants, fire ant bite treatment can be given for immediate ant bite relief. • Apply an ice pack or give a cold compress to the affected area. This will help relieve pain and swelling. • If you have been bitten on your limbs, elevate the limbs so that the swelling does not increase. • Wash the area thoroughly, preferably with soap and antiseptic lotion to cure ant bite. • If you have excessive swelling and itching, take some antihistamines to get relief. • Aloe vera, freshly taken from a leaf, should be applied on the affected area. • The blisters will eventually break. When that happens, take care to keep the surrounding skin clean so that there isn’t a spread of infection.
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