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Body Wave For Hair

 by Sheron Hopkins
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Body wave: Each one of us enjoys having a different look for each season; a look thatís trendy and fashionable, yet easy to handle. From curly to straight, and straight co curly, hair fashions and styles have come a long way. One such trend that has been quite prominent of late is body wave. But before we talk about body waves, letís take a closer look at our hair. Whatís in a hair strand? Hair is essentially made up of proteins. These proteins form a chain that is held together by bonds; the chains run down the center of each strand. The hair color is based on the pigments in your hair that are in the protein fibers surrounding the protein chain. These also have side bonds, which are of three types: salt, hydrogen, and disulfide bonds. The first two are weaker than the third, but when you get a permanent wave, it is your disulfide bond that is undergoing the change. Body wave perms. Simply put, a body wave perm is a modified version of the old school ďperm,Ē which was popular in the eighties. Body waves are looser than perms, giving your hair volume and movement. Of course, the manner in which a body wave perm will look depends on the natural texture and make-up of your hair. Most body wave perms only have a slight wave; however, the wave size and shape is dependent on the size of the roller used. Types of body waves. Body waves are one type of perms. The other types of perms include: pin curl, multi-textured, root, spiral, spot, and stack perms. Knowing the different types of perms, will help you decide a style. The different types of body wave perm styles that you could get are purely based on the size of the roller and your natural hair texture, so itís best to speak with your hairstylist in order to determine what will suit you best. Body wave care. For one, keep in mind that washing your hair after treatment will not render the process useless. Many hair stylists will recommend anything from 24 to 72 hours between your treatment and first wash; in truth, however, if the process was done correctly, then there should be no trouble. This said, if youíve had your hair permed, regardless of the style, youíll need to take real good care of it. Itís important to use a good conditioner and a mild shampoo; this will help keep your hair from becoming dry, damaged, and brittle. Itís best to ask your stylist to recommend good hair care products.
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