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Hair Growth Tips for Black Men

 by Sheron Hopkins
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The hair of a person contributes to his whole being. The hair, just like clothes and shoes, makes up the general appearance of individuals. These days, there are a number of black men who are suffering from baldness or loss of their hair. Here are some tips on how to maintain your hair and help it from disappearing and losing its strength. Hair should not only be long but it should also be healthy and shiny.  

Some of the hair growth tips start from choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Base your shampoo on the type of your scalp while the conditioner is based on the type of your hair. Choose for mild shampoo and conditioner. When washing your hair, shampoo your hair carefully. You should not use your fingertips; instead use your finger pads by applying pressure to it.  

After washing your hair, you should just wrap your hair with towel to dry naturally. It is better than rubbing the hair with the towel. This movement might cause split ends in the hair. If you want to dry your hair faster, you can use a hair dryer and put it in cool mode and aim it to the scalp not on the hair itself.  

Start brushing your hair only after it has already dried up. Start from the tip or ends, going up. In cases where your hair has tangles, you carefully work on it. Split ends might happen to your hair. When combing your hair, refrain from using hard brush and apply force in the hair. It is also better if you can apply leave-on conditioner on your hair, especially on the tips of the hair, to reduce any damage.  

Do not be too harsh on your hair. Hair growth treatments such as dyeing, bleaching, tight braiding and hot curling can greatly give a negative impact to your hair. The chemicals being used in hair treatments is too strong and creates a bad impression to the hair. Chemicals may injure the hair follicles which can result to hair loss. Ask hair experts when you are planning to treat your hair or put any chemical on it.  

Hairstyling can also affect the hair. Braids which are too tight or frequent change in hair color should be avoided. If it is not possible to be avoided, you can do necessary hair conditioning like hot oil or hair cellophane to return the lost moisture of the hair.  

When going out in the sun, protect your hair from excessive heat. You can use conditioner with sunscreen to prevent too much damage to the hair or you can also cover your hair with bandanas or hat.  

When swimming in chlorinated water, make sure that you wash your hair immediately. Use a shampoo which contains ETDA ingredient which neutralizes the chlorine which was absorbed by the hair. Chlorine is harmful because it can cause drying up of the hair.  

Aside from these tips, remember that the hair also depends on the diet that you have. You should eat balance diet. Diets which have low or no proteins and carbohydrates can cause alopecia. The reason is that these elements help in the production of hair in the body. You can also take in vitamins to enrich the formation of hair follicles.
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