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Choosing the Right Conditioner

 by Sheron Hopkins
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The hair is a person’s shining glory. A person’s look varies depending on how he works on his hair. Someone who is sporting a long hair may look different when he wears a short hair or an afro hairstyle. Above all, whatever your hairstyle is your overall appearance will still depend on how healthy your hair is.  

Men, just like women, should also take care of their hair. There are several treatments or applications which are used to keep the hair healthy. Parlor treatments include hot oil, hair spa or hair cellophane. These are usually recommended at least once a month.  

Since it takes a few hours to undergo either of these treatments, it is still best to take care of the hair in the easiest and simplest possible way. Aside from shampoo, it is likewise recommended that men should use hair conditioner as well in taking care of their hair.  

Conditioner is applied every after shampoo. This is maintenance for the hair to maintain its shiny and healthy appearance. It is also to maintain the hair’s body and kept as limp locks free.  

There are a lot of types of conditioners sold in the market these days. The best thing to consider when looking for the right hair conditioner is the hair type. It will not depend on your type of scalp but on the type of your hair.  

After identifying the type of your hair, choose the right conditioner for you.  

If you have a curly or wavy type of hair, choose the moisturizing conditioner type of conditioner. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner makes your hair finer by adding more moisture to it as it conditions.  Moisturizing conditioners provide moisture to balance the dryness of the hair. I likewise give nutrition to the hair.  

Another type of conditioner is the volumizing conditioner. This type of conditioner is for straight and flat hair. The volumizing conditioner gives energy and vibrancy to the hair, giving the hair more body and life. A special type of protein is present in volumizing conditioner which fuses with the hair strand, producing a define thickness for each strand. It is type of conditioner is also good for the treated hair protection from easy fading.  

Hydrating conditioner is the type of conditioner which is applicable to dry hair. Hydrating conditioner contains lipids which restores the softness of the hair and at the same time gives the hair shining look. It works when the humectants attach within the cortex, saturating the hair with moisture for greater hair flexibility.  

Reparating conditioner is the conditioner for frequently blow dried and treated hair. This conditioner is set to repair the damaged caused by frequent treatment and harsh exposures of the hair. This type of conditioner has a high level of Panthenol and proteins which are used to strengthen the internal structure of the damaged hair. It also contains natural wheat germ that offers strength benefits for the strands to increase its vitality. The split ends are mended with this type of conditioner.  

Smoothing conditioner is the type for frizzy hairs and helps resists humidity for soft and smooth finish. This conditioner has anti-static agents which are responsible in smoothing frizz and fly-away. It also possess natural extracts use to maintain compact cuticle to seal in moisture and control.
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