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Pigmentation Is More Than A Skin Patch

 by Sheron Hopkins
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It is a skin condition where in some parts of your skin turn darker in color. Such kind of condition happens due to the brown pigment called melanin in the skin. People of all color, skin types can be affected by such kind of pigmentation. One can even have age spots, also called as liver spots are a form of hyper pigmentation and is basically caused due to the damage to the skin by the sun. These can be seen on hands and face and any part of the body which is exposed to the sun.

It can also happen if you have suffered from some skin infection, blisters, burns and any other reason. This kind of trauma to your skin can cause pigmentation which may not be permanent but may take enough time to get back to normal. In other terms over-exposure to sun may cause skin pigmentation. To avoid such kind of pigmentation one should take care while going out in the sun with protective clothing or use one of the best sunscreen which would help in fighting the blinding sun light. This exposure fastens the aging process and can also lead to formation of wrinkles, age spots and freckles. Such an overexposure can also lead to skin cancer.

While moving out of the house you should wear full sleeves, cotton clothes and ample amount of sunscreen to prevent the tan. You should also see to it that the use of sunscreen is not only for your face but all the parts which is exposed such as your arms and legs. Drinking good amount of water also helps. Use lemon to scrub on the pigmented surface as it is a bleaching agent and would lighten you skin color.
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