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Choosing The Right Hair Color

 by Sheron Hopkins
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Changing the color of your hair is not really as easy as it seems. Before you come to the point of actually executing this supposedly simple task, you first have to answer a few other questions: do you want to have just one color all over your hair or do you want varying shades of a color?  Do you want a more permanent change in the color of your hair or do you want something that is only temporary? Should you do the hair coloring process yourself or would it be better to leave it in the hands of a professional? These are just some of the things that you should consider before deciding to make the change. Learning a little bit more about hair color and understanding what it is exactly that you wish to accomplish will be a great help and will guide you towards making the right decision.

The first question that you have to ask yourself is whether you want to have a single color or various hair colors. Having one hair color of hair all over is achieved by monochromatically coloring your hair. On the other hand, having different shades of hair color is achieved by highlighting and/or lowlighting certain sections of hair. Highlights bring out the lightest shade of the main hair color while lowlights consist of the darkest shade of the main hair color. A proper combination of highlights and lowlights help create added depth and dimension to medium-length or long hair. It also helps in making the hair color appear more natural and makes the appearance of roots less visible as the color grows out. If you have short hair, it best to stay away from highlights and lowlights and just stick to a single color.

The next question to ask is whether you want the hair color change to be a lasting one or just a temporary one. Hair coloring products are divided into four types: permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. If it is your first time to change the color of your hair, it is advisable for you to start with semi-permanent hair coloring products, since these can be washed-out after just several shampoos. Semi-permanent hair color allows you to try out different shades without actually committing to one color for a long time. Once you’ve tried on and found the hair color that suits your complexion, that’s the time to make the change more permanent.

Another question to ask yourself is whether you can actually do the hair coloring yourself or if it would be better to leave it to the experts. To do it yourself is definitely cheaper, but should only be done if the hair color product is temporary or semi-permanent. Otherwise, you just might have to deal with some disastrous results. Demi-permanent and permanent hair coloring, including highlighting and lowlighting, is best left in the hands of skilled and trained professionals.  

After answering all these questions, it is now time to decide on what hair color would work best for your skin complexion. Rich colored browns and reds are suited for those with darker skin tones. Deep reds and auburns perfectly match pale golden skin. Ashes, honeys and neutral colors complement pink and very fair skin tones.

Choosing the right hair colour does not have to be a daunting task. In fact, with proper knowledge and understanding, it can be as easy as one, two, three.

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