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How to Make Your Hair Color Last Long

 by Sheron Hopkins
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Make Your Hair Color Last Long

The nagging question of how make hair color last long could be a bit tiresome to explain each and every time.  Keeping the hair color on for quite some time is a continuing activity for those who dye their hair.  Whichever way you have your hair colored, by a professional hairdresser or a do-it—yourself coloring kit, making it last longer than possible is what you always wanted.  Managing to keep the chestnut/hazel brown color in your hair glowing for some months, there are a few things to know.   Last longer and healthier and looking shiny, there are hair color tips to observe to make that experience satisfying and enjoyably attractive.  Some hair color tips might not work for some but generally it works every time.  

First and foremost is to choose a brand of hair color that’s right for you.  Get a brand that does not irritate your scalp.  Choose a shade that’s 1 shade lighter than the natural color of your hair.  This is so because with a hair color that’s almost your own hair color, the less your roots will show as they grow out.  Always opt for a type of product that requires easy maintenance and easy on the pocket.  But before applying hair color, always shampoo thoroughly and apply deep conditioning.  Better conditioned hair will take in color better and last longer.  This can protect hair color from fading.  If you have to wash hair because of dirt and oil and greasiness, wash it but use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for color-treated hair.  Try out some brands because not all of these brands can work for everyone.  And to make color stays on much longer on hair think using about a hair sunscreen, if not stay out of the sun.  Exposure to extreme heat can damage hair.   This is a very useful process.  Roots are the only enemy in maintaining hair color.  To cover up those irritating roots, make your hair color lasts longer.

One more thing, never wash your hair with hot water.  Because washing your hair with stupidly hot water will make your hair to fall off. Hair can get pretty delicate.   Hair becomes brittle and it might start to break.  This is not exactly a pretty picture to look at.  Bits of split hair will leave on the shoulders of your pretty black dress and it’s not outstandingly alluring.     

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