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Henna for Hair: For That Sparkling Look

 by Sheron Hopkins
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Henna, said to be of Persian origin, is a shrub whose leaves and flowers are used to make the reddish colorant as a cosmetic for skin and hair since the early times.  The red-orange dye molecules it produces is compatible with protein so it could be used to color hair, skin fingernails, leather, silk and wool.  Although this has been used in the olden times, henna’s resurgence today is due to its development in farming, procedures and the dispersion of henna-using people to other areas. There are alternative words for henna, mehendi an Indian word is one.  Mehendi is the art of applying henna as a short-lived form of skin adornment.  It is good for the nails and use as hair color.  

Women of different persuasion have used henna on their hair. It has been said that the beautiful Cleopatra have used henna as hair color.  Nowadays, even celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore have been touted to henna for their hair care.  Who knows how many more pop idols are using this colorant.  It is also being used for body as well.  Mehendi as body art has become popular in the west.  But still and all, the usage of henna as hair color is far and wide.  Changing hair color can beautify looks and can be the much needed thrust to complete oneself with self-assurance.

Prior to application of the dye on the hair, it is advised that one should try for a quick test.  This is to avoid unnecessary itchiness on the scalp due to some allergens in henna.  This way too the prolong use of the product can be assured.  Leaving henna paste on the hair within a span of time can result to color and conditioning one likes better.  Going back to the result of the testing, the result will help classify the character of the hair.   

There are some tools to consider and use in the application of henna.  All these are meant for protection, for your hands, your clothing, and most importantly protection for the rest of your body skin.  Coming in contact with henna in places where it should not be can be a lot of work.  On hands, use plastic gloves.  In this manner the color will not be able to discolor your hands.  And so are your clothing, towels and others.  Henna application is unlike any hair dye.  It could be muddled. Short hair or long hair makes sure that the henna mix goes well with your hair. Then let the henna paste stay in your hair for some time.  The length of time is according to your hair type.  Types of hair vary; some types can have the paste on for 40 minutes others for a couple of hours.  And after those agonizing hours of waiting, rinse hair! Voila! A shiny, voluminous henna hair, proud and glowing swinging to the beat of your walk.                                                   

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